It's funny how you can grow up in a small-ish town and then you can travel over 500 miles and meet someone that you never knew lived in and grew up in the same small-ish town.  What makes Nichole's and my connections even quirkier (if you can call it that) is that when we were buying our house seven years ago, we actually looked at the house she and her hubby were selling.  We even sent a roofer over to check out the roof.  In the end we didn't end up buying her house (pretty much for one of the reasons she was selling it.)

I now can call on Nichole pretty much anytime.  I know she will give me an ear, a shoulder, or whatever it is I might need.  I am happy to call her a true friend and I am even happier that she asked me to capture some moments in the park with two of her four kidlets while we were also capturing some head shots for her.

I hope you enjoy these Nichole and thank you for being such an awesome person!

To view the photos from Nichole's session please go here.


Leslie & Mark

It was a great day at a little jazz club in Cleveland Heights.  

Many thanks to Leslie & Mark for allowing me to capture their special day!

To view gallery please enter here, please note gallery is password protected.


Little Seth

Little Seth & his family came all the way to Ohio from Texas to get his photos taken by me.

Okay, not really. Seth's mom is a friend from school that moved down to Texas many years ago. Before their last visit she emailed me and asked if we could schedule a session while they were visiting in Ohio. I gladly scheduled one for her (at my new low rates...hint, hint).

Besides, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a bunch of photos of this cute little man.

Would you like to see more photos from the session? Head over to my Facebook page to view them & while you are there please feel free to Like the page as I will be having a little special giveaway for all of my Heather Durdil Photography friends.


A New Start

I love taking photos.

I could walk around all day long and take photos with my camera or with my iPhone all day long.

It is me. It is who I am. I need to accept this.

Not that I tried to turn away from the photography, but I let it bog me down.

I got all caught up in making more and doing more that I didn't realize that I just want to take pictures.

I want to capture those moments in your life, and your life. And your life too. To give my business a kick in the butt I have decided to do away with the print pricing and all of the extras.

For a limited time only you can get a phenomenal deal on photos for you family and an edited disc with the images on it to with as you please. They aren't "my" photos, they are yours, I am just honored enough that you allowed me to take them.

So if you are in the Cleveland area give me a call & we can set something up real soon.